The salted wolf

A few days ago I discovered that entering a misspelling, “wolf solter”, of my name Wulf Sölter into Google prompts the holy grail of Google responses:

Google - Did you mean: Wulf Solter

Google result for “wolf solter”

Google detects your accidental mistake (why you don’t already have me set as your homepage is baffling!), and offers a correction :p

But what if you wanted to see a wolf getting salted? Surely the happy chappy doing the salting of a wolf is called a salter. Luckily my friend Tom Ryder over at Sanctum has come to the rescue, and with much fanfare and applause, I present to you:

Wulf Solter salting a wolf, therefore he is a salter

Wulf Solter salting a wolf, therefore he is a salter.

.. who said the internet was just for cats? A well seasoned and salted wolf! And look, there’s not a single line of code in this post! Nor bad jokes about peanuts getting assaulted.

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One comment on “The salted wolf
  1. Tom Ryder says:

    10,000 hours in MS Paint!

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