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Instant Nagios Starter by Michael Guthrie

With a growing number of servers at Wherewolf I needed to find a monitoring solution that was usable not just by the hard-core neckbeards, but by the junior devs as well. In the months since my last mid-sized server monitoring setup,

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Nagios Core Administration Cookbook by Tom Ryder has been released!

Nagios is a server monitoring tool that can check anything you can imagine, and this book is here to show you how. From setting up your first “off-the-shelf” ping style checks through to writing your own plugins, this is the

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Tracking your /etc with git version control software – and make apt-get do it automagically

Linux computers (mostly) use /etc to store config files. From server software like Apache, PHP, ProFTPd and OpenVPN through to X11 and Mutt, they all keep their config files in /etc. User config files are mostly kept in /home/$username/ so

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Archlinux /srv/http vs Debian /var/www

Link the two Debian and quite a few other older systems still use /var/www as the default root directory for serving web content, while Arch uses /srv/http. /var does get a bit cluttered these days, but to save the mental

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I’m still running out of space

A server has no space! Where has it all gone? I want to see a list of where the disk usage is. Linux has a built in function du but that’s rather limited sometimes. du -mxS / | sort -n

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I’d like my linux box to email me when it’s hard drive is full.

I’d like my linux box to email me when it’s hard drive is full. It could be my webserver, my home file server full of movies and music, or even my netbook after getting a bit hit of Dropbox files.

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Making IPTables survive a reboot – Saving and Restoring

By default Ubuntu / Debian do NOT save any IPTables settings when shutting down. I think the thought behind this is that if you screw up a config, then a restart will save you. In some instances, such as a

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Using IP Tables to quickly block an IP address

To block an offending (DOS/Spam/Password hacking attempts etc) IP address from connecting to your server, use iptables. xx.xx.xx.xx is ip address of remote. iptables -A INPUT -s xx.xx.xx.xx -j DROP To undo: iptables -D INPUT -s xx.xx.xx.xx -j DROP

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Apache SSL won’t start – make_sock: could not bind to address

Apache SSL won’t start with following error message: … waiting (98)Address already in use: make_sock: could not bind to address no listening sockets available, shutting down It would be nice to have Apache2 state, in plain english, “Sorry, that

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RewriteEngine to change URLs with Apache and .htaccess – 4 easy and common examples

The RewriteEngine modification of the URL allows for many tricks such as readable URLs and maintaining links after site redevelopment. There are many good reasons to clean up URLs into something readable, including having the customer/client remember the link, being

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