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Arch linux wireless suspend on HP Pavilion DM1 with Alfa rtl8187 1000mW

Running Arch linux on my little HP Pavilion DM1 netbook with an Alfa rtl8187 1000mW external wifi card has a few problems with suspend. For starters, the driver (module) needs to be reinitialised upon return. This can be done by

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Rename spaces to underscores

How to rename files with spaces to use the underscore character instead .. or any other web friendly character. I’ve just been handed a zip full of files, and want to host them, but they’ve all got nice pretty spaces

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2Degrees 3G datastick with Arch Linux

Here’s how I got my New Zealand 2Degrees USB 3G cellular datastick modem working under ArchLinux. The unit is actually a “Huawei Mobile Broadband Model E1552” that has multiple USB modes. The main USB mode being the data functionality but

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Archlinux /srv/http vs Debian /var/www

Link the two Debian and quite a few other older systems still use /var/www as the default root directory for serving web content, while Arch uses /srv/http. /var does get a bit cluttered these days, but to save the mental

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