Prefetching updated packages with Trickle, Pacman and Apt-Get

To make package updating easier, you can download packages/package lists in advance so that when it comes to the update everything is ready and just requires overview and confirmation.


trickle -d 5 pacman -Syuw --noconfirm


trickle -d 5 apt-get -d -y update

Trickle is a small program to shape bandwidth, in this case limiting download to 5kbps, as not to have a noticeably affect ongoing work. Trickle Homepage

Placed into crontab or cron.hourly these save a lot of time, silently prefetching a large update without affecting bandwidth, or in the case of Arch, allowing a week or two to pass without having to wait for a Gb or more download for a single pacman -Syu.

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