Instant Nagios Starter by Michael Guthrie

With a growing number of servers at Wherewolf I needed to find a monitoring solution that was usable not just by the hard-core neckbeards, but by the junior devs as well. In the months since my last mid-sized server monitoring setup, it seems not much has changed in the world of monitoring. Yes, New Relic have a node.js app monitor in beta and NodeFly have a very promising approach, but the tried and true to be reliable and scalable still falls on the shoulders of Nagios….

… but lot of Nagios guides can get very technical and deep very quickly, leaving the uninitiated feeling out of their depth and bewildered.

Enter Instant Nagios Starter by Michael Guthrie, a concise (46 pages) and clear explanation of what Nagios is (monitoring!), how to install & set up, how it works and where to go from there. We have found this to be a great guide for novice/intermediate developers to get their heads around the fundamentals, get Nagios up & running and have a solid foundation upon which to learn. In the past, the client-server relationship of checks has been a stumbling block for a few, but this has clearly laid out structure and relationships from the beginning.

Michael’s “Top 5 features you’ll want to know about”, with helpful troubleshooting tips, has opened up a few eyes in first time installers for the vast potentials of the Nagios platform.

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