Emailing a JavaScript Error

I wanted to get an email whenever my SailsJS (based on ExpressJS) app crashed. My logging stack consists of winston with a custom transport which emails me via AmazonSES. Instead of getting a nice stack trace, all I got was emails with


which I couldn’t quite understand. Was I not passing the error object in? Was there somewhere in the SailsJS / Winston pipeline that was destroying my error object? A line of

 if (sails.config.environment === 'production') { data = undefined; }

seemed likely but wasn’t the culprit after all.

JavaScript’s Error object while having a `toString()` that will give `foo` from `new Error(‘foo’)`, calling `JSON.stringify(new Error(‘foo’))` will produce `{}` (empty object).

Extending the error proto to have a `toJSON` method, which gets called by `JSON.stringify()` can be done with:

Error.stackTraceLimit = Infinity;                   // Turtles all the way down, since we're already messing with Error
Object.defineProperty(Error.prototype, 'toJSON', {  // Give Error proto a toJSON method
  value: function () {
    var alt = {};
    Object.getOwnPropertyNames(this).forEach(function (key) {
      alt[key] = this[key];
    }, this);

    return alt;

  configurable: true,
  writable: true,

And now an error object can be passed into Winston to get transported to my inbox with full stack trace.

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