Monthly Archives: October 2012

The salted wolf

A few days ago I discovered that entering a misspelling, “wolf solter”, of my name Wulf Sölter into Google prompts the holy grail of Google responses: Google detects your accidental mistake (why you don’t already have me set as your homepage

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Rename spaces to underscores

How to rename files with spaces to use the underscore character instead .. or any other web friendly character. I’ve just been handed a zip full of files, and want to host them, but they’ve all got nice pretty spaces

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Vim as Man page viewer

Linux man pages are gold, and much quicker than googling, but I hate having to learn yet another interface for what is just a text flatfile that’s a bit to big to fit on a single 80 x 24 character

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Silent Disco – Streaming Live Audio over WiFi

I’ve just finished building a Silent Disco over WiFi system for use in the Christchurch Body Festival – Silent Disco, giving guests the opportunity of using their own smartphone for receiving the audio signal rather than fragile (yet expensive) speciality

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