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Redirect to

To redirect (rewrite) a subdomainless site to the www prefixed one with apache, use mod_rewrite. This must be enabled in Apache’s conf file, and allowed to override the defaults with AllowOverride in the relevant directory section. Line 5 checks to

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Archlinux /srv/http vs Debian /var/www

Link the two Debian and quite a few other older systems still use /var/www as the default root directory for serving web content, while Arch uses /srv/http. /var does get a bit cluttered these days, but to save the mental

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Tweets sidebar for the lazy

Yet another “What we’re saying on twitter” sidebar, as done by a bazillion people on the web: Copy pasta at its finest, just change USERNAME <div class="homeRight">     <div style="border-bottom:solid 1px #cbcbcb; padding:10px;">         <a class="twitterFollowButton"

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Google Apps mail ( & Gmail) on the commandline with Mutt

After getting sick of the bloat and overhead of Thunderbird, Outlook, OSX’s Mail and the other usual suspects, after a weekend of playing around with various clients I am now using Mutt on my primary lappy as my primary email.

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SSH works, but file copy utilities fail

The symptoms vary across OS’s and connection utilities/programs but in essence it’s the same. Connecting to a remote filesystem via SSH fails with no good error message. Transmit on Mac mounting the drive is no better than Nautilus on Linux

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Recursive unzipping many zip and rar files in many folders.

So I have a directory with ~100 folders, each containing atleast 1 zip/rar file that needs extraction. No point in keeping the zip/rar file afterwards either so remove it. find . -name "*.zip" -exec unzip {} \; -exec /bin/rm {}

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Patterns missing in Inkscape’s PDF output

Vector path patterns that display on screen are missing in the final PDF output. The Pattern ‘zero point’ must be set so the are no negative repetitions of the pattern with node tool. Set the ‘X’ at bottom left of

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Finding the install date of a linux system

Easy was to find install date of system is as follows: sudo passwd -S bin bin P 09/19/2010 -1 -1 -1 -1

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